How Glazing Industry Can Benefit from GlazeForce

The Glass and Glazing Industry has grown substantially in the past few years with a steady pace. The glass and glazing companies provide the glass services to the customers to install glass walls, windows, panels, room dividers, and various other glass related installation for the commercial—residential and organizational buildings.

While the industry is thriving, the increased competition has compelled the glass and glazing business owners to completely upscale their services and ensure that they serve the customers with utmost diligence. While physical efficacy and perfection are required to keep the companies thriving in business, it is essential that business owners comply with customer relations with timely communication and personalized interaction.

The need of the hour in any industry is to provide digitalized and highly responsive experience users to raise requests, check the status of their orders, communicate their concerns and pay online without any hassle.

Using the right customer relationship management system, the glass and glazing business owners can create a lot of credibility within their consumer base and also diligently manage their business by tracking orders, sales, and revenue.

Manage, Process and Control Customer Journey 

Customer data is pivotal in any business as it serves as the backbone of deciding strategies and rolling out various functions. 

  • The Glazing professionals need to track the leads and efficiently manage orders keeping the right track of what each customer wants and control over the customer relationship lifecycle.
  • Tracking customer orders, storing their contact information and understanding their requirements, prompt communication with customers at every step of the transaction, and taking maintaining post service queries. 
  • An effective CRM can help the windows and glass business to improve overall sales, increase conversions radically, and save time by following up in an automated system to keep costs and reach desired profit goals efficiently. With the use of AI embedded in the latest methods, the new age CRM can power the Glass and Glazing  Businesses to revolutionize their overall operating mechanism. 

Offer Ease of Payment With Online Payment Options

Through CRM Glass and Glazing, providers can automate their payment systems and accept payment online, giving their customers flexibility to pay in various mediums apart from cash. Online payments are easy to transact and track. 

Keep customers updated with timely emails. 

Marketing strategies within the glass and glazing companies help create newer business opportunities for enterprises. Right CRM helps send out automated emails about the upcoming offers, services, and regular communications to prospective leads. 

Use effective online forms for door and window surveys and track them easily

Once an inquiry is made from the client, it is essential to gather their requirement in an accurate yet accessible manner. While a manual survey of door and window may be cumbersome and erroneous, using an automated system, this can be done quickly.

Good CRM offers particular online window & door forms that are developed to streamline the regular use of paperwork and manual filing associated with quotes for installation, proposals, inventory, etc.

Send Quotes Through Email, Call After Survey and Then Create Customized Quotes in PDF

Once the survey is completed and the requirement is clearly defined, the businesses can easily send the quotes to the client through various media like calls, emails, or specially designed real time PDFs. This quickens the process and helps track everything.

Let Customers Accept Quotes Over Email

The glass and glazing companies should allow the customers to easily accept the quote over email and then account for the same in the system; there is no longer a need to manually track each order and accepted quote since the advanced CRM solutions help integrate email responses within the system.

Strategize Marketing Initiatives with Automated Email Campaigns

The ability for marketing automation/sending email campaigns to customers
Using the right CRM, businesses can send out promotional emails and inform the prospective leads to their newest offers. Planning, execution, and tracking of marketing campaigns is a breeze with CRM.

Efficiently Manage and Automate Orders End To End

From persuading the right lead to receiving Door and Window survey and sending quotes and the customer accepting the quote, Processing orders, and then acquiring components for the service and receiving payments, everything can be done efficiently using high-end CRMs. 

Raise Purchase Orders and Track Online

A functional CRM helps the professional better quote, install, and inspect garage doors, bi-fold doors, double-hung windows, sectional doors, patio doors, etc. The digital systems help the professional to provide end to end services from taking orders to providing pre-delivery inspections, track status with progress checklists, and check adherence to safety guidelines.

Service Customer Grievances Using Automated Tickets/ Issue Tracking

The ability to create and manage support tickets /cases from customers
Customer servicing post-delivery and maintenance is an integral part of the industry as there may be issues after the installation is done. The right CRM provides high value to customer retention by enabling a prudent system for handling customer cases in support tickets and tracking each ticket time and again.

GlazeForce has built a solution that takes care of each and every need of the glazing industry with minute precision.

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