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How can you maximize your glass and glazing business using technology?

This article gives you insight into the glass and glazing business and the benefits of inculcating technology in this business. Glass and glazing industry adjudged for approx …… of glass worldwide. Read on to know more. Technology is well recognized for making life simpler and easier. The traditional business process was doing great till a few years back but with time modification is required in every field. It is high time to understand the importance of technology and make the best use of it. We are living in a tech-influenced world. With each passing day, the world is inclining towards digitalization. Producers as well as consumers are actively embracing technology to get the maximum output. Every now and then new innovations are launched in the market. Innovations are designed to automate the process, enhance the work, or reduce the workload.

Are you curious to know about the uses of technology in the glass and glazing industry? Well, you are in an apt place. Here we will be introducing service-based technology glazefore and its use case in the glass and glazing industry. First thing first, let us start with an introduction:

Glass and Glazing industry

These industries are fulfilling the glassware demands of the world. The new world loves to use glasses at the workplace, in houses, or wherever possible. Glasses add that much-needed sophisticated classy look to your place. It adds to the value of the property. The place glass and glazing industry is holding in modern architecture is remarkable. It has grown to be a style statement, an expression of design, and a lot more. Glasses come in numerous shapes, sizes, designs. We are progressing towards using glasses in interiors and building facades. The industry is growing at a significant rate. We are living in a highly competitive world, where new modification in the product, as well as service, is must to  be at the top. Businesses can easily saturate if they keep following the conventional marketing process.

Market stats of Glass and Glazing industry

Now, let us have a glimpse of stats of glass and glazing industry in India and worldwide:

Glass and fiber market worldwide in 2018
Glass and fiber market worldwide in 2018

As per Statista, in 2014 market value of flat glass was 71.98 billion U.S dollar. In 2019 it was 115.8 billion U.S dollar. The market value of flat glass is expected to rise to 202.9 billion U.S dollar by 2027.

In 2018 glass containers adjudged for approximately 45 percent of glasses worldwide while fiber accounted only for 6 percent. This clearly depicts the growing demand for glasses.

What new you can inculcate in glass and glazing industry?

Earlier basic glasses were the talk of the town but now are the time of the value-added glass. With the increasing concern for the environment, the glasses business is shifting towards an environment-friendly and security-based business. Insulated glasses are in demand instead of single glazing glasses. The industry is steadily proceeding towards the energy-saving advantages of glass. The industry needs to work on smart glass and energy-efficient glass. 

Are you struggling with the marketing and operation of your glass and glazing industry?

Well, the best solution to this is a customer relationship management service. The rising demand of glasses has introduced the need of CRM technology. It helps to automate lots of work so that you can impart your crucial time on core business and fulfil the demand. The quality of products or services and marketing is highly important to make the business immortal. The increasing availability of the internet has raised the bars of business. CRM not only helps to collect customers’ data but also plays a crucial role in converting visitors to potential customers and potential customers to leads.

How can you maximize your glass and glazing business?

To maximize the business, in this tech-driven world, innovation must be part of the future business. Glazeforce is one such tech solution to make your business more scalable and profitable. Are you having questions like what is glazeforce? How will it affect your business? Well, read on to know this amazing solution:

What is glazeforce?

Glazeforce is a custom relationship management service tailored for the glass and glazing industry. Horizontal services that target mass is losing its charm whereas the charm of customized service is growing with each passing day. Cut-throat competition has introduced the need for customized service to upscale the business. In this digital era, where lots of options are available at the doorstep, it is important for businesses to create a unique space. Customers are the biggest and most important asset of any business. Along with the product and the core service, customer management is equally important. Glazeforce helps in effectively managing business by satisfying customers as well as tracking orders, sales, and revenues.  

Benefits of integrating glazeforce in business:

Are you using different software for email marketing, quoting, payment, or ERP? Well, all these are possible with a single solution. Glazeforce has smartly integrated all these services on a single platform.

Use of glazeforce in glass and glazing business
Use of glazeforce in glass and glazing business

Increases customer retention:

CRM helps to collect customers’ login credentials as well as searched data. It helps business to know about their preferences and hence is easier to suggest similar products. Customer is the key to marketing and upscaling. CRM manages and optimizes the collected data to make the best use of it. It helps in giving personalized service to customers. CRM is quick to respond to customer’s queries. A satisfied customer not only evolves to become loyal customers but also increases the reach of the business.

Glazing business needs to keep track of leads and their preferences. A quick response is a must to hold customers in this world where lots of options are available at the doorstep. CRM is developed to keep customers happy and satisfied and increase the conversion rate. It helps in overall improving glass and glazing businesses.

Automated email campaigns:

  Email marketing is one of the best ways to make customers aware of products or services. CRM helps to send emails to a lot of customers as well as potential customers at a go. Businesses can even keep track of the response using CRM. It has become easier to send quotes as well as accept quotes using CRM. It is high time for glass and glazing industries to integrate this technology and uplift the business.

Ease of payment:

CRM allows customers of the glass and glazing industry to opt for any payment mode as per convenience. It helps the business by tracking the process at each step. To know more you can check here.

Wrapping up

Well, are you thinking to integrate this technology into your business? You can book a demo with glazeforce and go for the solution that is apt for your business. We would like to invite you to a virtual cup of coffee! We can have a meeting here. Hope, you got a concise idea on how to maximize the glass and glazing industry using technology. Always up for your suggestions and queries, do comment!

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