Use Glazeforce to resume glazing company in the pandemic

Use Glazeforce to resume glazing company in the pandemic

Are you thinking to resume work in your glazing company during the pandemic? We have a solution! 2020 has been the Coronavirus year, the year full of ups and downs, the year full of turns and turmoil. The faster-changing world was on halt for the majority part of the year. Most of the business went on toss in the lockdown due to workflow block. We all were locked in our homes, the global supply chain was disrupted, and much more. Though with so much gloomy news around one sector that kept booming is tech.

Technology makes our life a lot easier. The lockdown eventually led to a shift to digital platforms. The shift has suddenly spiked up the bars of the traditional workflow of the business. Well, I have been observing a huge change in the workflow in the past few months. Were you also on the same page? That draws our attention to analyze how will technical integration benefit our companies. Here, I will take an example of a glazing company to put light on my opinion, you can share yours as well in a comment. Being a tech-driven company we analyzed the glazing business and our team came up with the solution that helps the business to resume work and upscale. Let us start with the introduction.

What is Glazeforce?

Glazeforce is a 360 degree CRM software customized for a glazing company. The software offers a one-stop solution to glazing companies. Glazeforce believes in expanding the business, not the software. It is one of the leading business management software for a glazing company. You can have deep insight here.

How Glazeforce helps the glazing company get back to work?

glazeforce in glazing company
Use of glazeforce in glazing company amid pandemic and beyond

Glazeforce helps businesses to boost sales by improving efficiency. Glazeforce offers multiple solutions, to help glazing company resume work. Let us have a glance:

·       You do not need to send your sales team door to door. The software is designed to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers and potential customers. You can generate leads through the power of software thus maintain social distance,

·       In times, when offline solutions are limited, online solutions are a savior. Glazeforce offers that online solution to glazing company.

·       In a time of limited physical interaction, Glazeforce allows the company to have virtual interaction with customers. The interaction boosts the engagement of businesses.

·       Despite having a crackling sales team, you need a digital solution to sail through the pandemic era. Glazeforce is that solution for glazing company.

Well, these were some solutions to help you know how Glazeforce can help glazing companies resume business. Glazeforce is not only designed to help you get through pandemic obstacles but is designed to stay with your ever-growing company forever. Next,  I am sure you would like to upscale your business, so let us see how-

How Glazeforce helps glazing company upscale?

Glazeforce is a 360 degree CRM solution designed to optimize the workflow of a glazing company. If you are struggling with managing different software, juggling between different software, Glazeforce is for you. Glazeforce is built on top of salesforce specifically for glazing companies. It has immense potential to upscale glazing business.

     Automation at every possible corner:

Glazeforce automates the process wherever possible. It allows you to automatically send emails to your contacts. You do not need to manually send an email, you can pre-select contact and Glazeforce will work as one of the best tools for automated email campaigns.

     One-stop solution for glazing company:

You do not need to juggle between one app to another. The software brings all solutions under one roof. This saves time as well as you can easily track and monitor your work.

     Higher engagement:

The software helps in maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. It stores users’ data and helps you to suggest products on the basis of their preferences. The personalized touch leads to higher engagement.

     Reduces workload:

It automates the process and plays a significant role in reducing the workload of the glazing company. You do not need to create quote packs, manually notify suppliers, or send emails. Glazeforce does it all and on top of it offers a reliable solution to boost efficiency.

     Powerful analysis:

We believe our software has the power of Einstein analysis. In business, marketing is a strong pillar to reach wider audiences. The software is exclusively designed for glazing company, so has a strong sense of analysis to predict the future. It uses past years’ data to tell about the future.

     Easy and secure transaction:

Glazeforce offers a different mode of payment to help customers choose the most convenient option. It encourages customers’ to go for instant payment via the link dropped in the email. Your payment process should be hassle-free.

Glazeforce offers multiple benefits to upscale the business. Technology is changing at a fast pace. It is important to meet up the changing requirements, to stay competitive. We have designed software to offer customized solutions to the glazing company.

How to get started with Glazeforce?

If you are looking forward to integrating business management software in your glazing company, we would insist you use Glazeforce. To know more about Glazeforce and get a better insight you can book a demo with us here. It is a quick 30 minutes meeting, where we will show you our working demo. Next, we would love to talk to you about the cumulative effect of your business and our software.

If you want to integrate the software you can know about our pricing here. We offer three types of plans i.e, personal, professional, and enterprise. You can opt for any plan that suits your business requirements. We stay with you throughout and help you chalk out your plan from tip to toe.

Let’s meet over a virtual cup of coffee!

Glazeforce helps glazing company to upscale the business by opting for a smooth, automated, and optimized workflow. The business management software guides businesses from getting a lead to delivering it to the customer to getting feedback. Here, I have mentioned how Glazeforce is used to resume work in the glazing company in the pandemic. Would like to meet you and help you know our software better over a virtual cup of coffee here.

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