Glazing business in 2020

How to upscale glazing business in 2020?

We all are well aware of the impact of an ongoing pandemic on businesses. The pandemic has sent most sectors on the toss. We are about to face an economic recession. Disruption in the global supply chain has severely affected import and export. On such odd days, technology is playing the most significant role in bringing back businesses to normal.

Technology is an ever-changing field. With each passing day, we see the introduction of innovations. Technology simplifies our living and makes it fun. We are living in a tech-driven world. From reducing workload to suggesting all together new ways technology knows it well.  Technology has a lot to offer when it comes to businesses and its allied sector. Well, here we are going to put some light on how to upscale the glazing business in 2020. Let us start with market statistics.

Glass and glazing business statistics:

The global double glazing glass market size is projected to grow from USD 21.4 billion in 2020 to USD 27.4 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.0%  during the forecast period. The double glazing glass demand is expected to decline in 2020 due to COVID-19.”

As per the Statista report, in 2027, the global market value of flat glass is forecast to amount to nearly 203 billion U.S. dollars. The leading glass exporting country is China. The leading glass manufacturer in the world based on revenue is Saint-Gobain. The gross output of U.S. glass manufacturing is 26.7 billion USD. In 2018, glass containers accounted for around 45 percent of the glass produced worldwide.

How has COVID-19 impacted the Glass and glazing business?

Glass and glazing is a labor-intensive business. Due to lockdown workers could not work at the site. COVID-19 has adversely affected the market. It impacted the supply chain with no way to transport raw materials. It affected the production as well as financial growth. The pandemic has pulled down demand as well as supply. In the upcoming days, the market has to put in a lot to recover from the COVID-19 impact. Technology is helping businesses with taking baby steps to resume business.

What’s new in the glazing business?

The glass industry is growing at a good pace with no sign of slowing down. The market is shifting from the old architect technique to a newer one. Customers are opting for a glass look in buildings. It gives a sophisticated and classy look. Glasses are not limited to just exterior, we can see great interior designing with glasses. Let us have a look at new changes or innovations in the glazing business in 2020:

  Smart glass:

·       Smart glasses also known as Light Control Glass is switchable glass. Smart glass provides voluntary control to the owner on the amount of light that can enter through the transparent material. This makes the glass transparent, translucent as well as opaque. It controls the amount of visible light, Ultraviolet, and Infrared. A smart glass model is developed for energy-saving purposes and privacy reasons. Smart glasses are being used in interiors, windows, and automotive. These glasses are categorized into active and passive based on their electric charge dependency. The former needs an electric charge whereas later can work without electricity.

Smart glass window
Smart glass window (source)

Double glazing glass:

·         Double glazing glass is being adopted in the market on at a large scale.  By 2025 most of the residential, industrial, and commercial industries will be using double glazing glass. Are you wondering why the market for double-glazing glass is expanding? Well,  Double glazing units (DGU) are often called insulating units to improve thermal performance, thereby significantly reducing heating and air-conditioning costs.”

Energy-saving ‘liquid Window’:

·        This concept is introduced by scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore)to reduce air conditioning requirements. This smart window has a hydrogel-based liquid between two layers of glasses. This gel blocks sunlight by absorbing a high amount of heat and turns opaque during the daytime. As the temperature goes down it changes to a liquid. The liquid window has the potential to reduce 45 percent of air conditioning energy consumption on hot days. It cuts off noise by 15 percent. These windows are the best fit for office building working in day hours.

Energy saving liquid window
Energy saving liquid window (source)

How to upscale glazing business?

Customers have a lot of options available at doorsteps. Today, along with offline reputation businesses have to pay good attention to online reputation and expansion. In this cutting edge competitive world, businesses have to adopt new ways to entice and captivate customers. Customer interaction and relationship has grown to be the topmost asset of the business. Most of the businesses have customer service teams who are doing crackling jobs undoubtedly. But to match up with an exponential increase in demand it is high time to integrate technology in service and be the best. Are you thinking of such a solution? Well, we have glazeforce software to help you out. Glazeforce is a one-stop solution exclusively tailored for the glass and glazing business. Have a look at solutions that glazeforce provide to upscale glazing business:

upscale glazing business in 2020 using Glazeforce
upscale glazing business in 2020 using Glazeforce

Quick quotes with quote pack:

·         glazeforce has an inbuilt template with data customized for the glazing business. You can quickly create and send a quote along with a quote pack using glazeforce. The quote pack is like a brochure, which contains complete detail of businesses and products. This not only reduces your workload but also helps to save time. You can impart this time on core business work. Glazeforce is customer relationship management customized for the glazing industry that helps to improve customer interaction and increases the conversion rate.

    Automation at every possible corner:

·      Glazeforce is smartly designed to reduce workload by automating workflow where possible. It offers automated email campaigns. It informs workers about orders and requests to complete it soon. The software is designed to help the glazing business in many more ways.

Smooth payment:

·         Glazeforce takes care of customers and allows them to opt for any payment mode as per convenience.  Customers can quickly pay via email as well. It ensures a safe, secure, and fast payment.

Final note:

Businesses are recovering from COVID-19 losses. Technology is playing a crucial role in resuming workflow and uplifting businesses. Glazeforce helps the glass and glazing industry to proliferate. If you are in the glazing business and are finding ways to improve your customer relationship, we would recommend booking a demo with us. Glazeforce uses technology-rich tools to upscale the glazing business in 2020. Pandemic has turned off physical movements and increased the demand for a virtual tour. We would like to invite you for a meeting over a virtual cup of coffee here.

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