Glazeforce in glass and glazing industry

What is glazeforce? How glazeforce is different from salesforce?

Technology is an ever-evolving field. The introduction of new technologies and modifications are necessary for an up and running marketplace. New innovations create a unique niche for itself among audiences or revolutionize conventional operations. When it comes to business, we consider customers as the most important aspect. Apart from product quality and marketing, it is high time to value customer service the most. Well, companies were quick to understand this need. Companies are working to develop more robust solutions to enhance customer relationships with the company. One of the top players in this trade is Salesforce. First thing first, let us start with an introduction?

What is salesforce?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management Solution designed to help businesses. This American-based company is a cloud-based software as a service company. Currently, all businesses irrespective of sizes are adopting salesforce to improve their customers’ relationships and organize tasks.

What is CRM?

Well, you might not have used CRM, but must have heard this term a lot echoing around you. CRM abbreviated as Customer Relationship management is a software that aims to maximize businesses by optimizing customers’ relationships and sales.

How is CRM helping businesses?

CRM helps businesses in the following ways:

Collect’s customer’s data:

Using CRM you can collect customer’s data at a single location. Initially, the company’s had to update spreadsheets and store valuable data in different locations. The process became unsustainable with the growing company size. CRM helps to stores data on a centralized system that can be accessed by your teammate easily.

CRM tracks customer’s activity on different platforms and helps companies to have complete information from login credentials to search histories. As per data, 74% of users said their CRM system helped them to improve access to customer’s data”.

      Optimizes workflow:

Customer relationship management system helps to store, manage, and optimize data. CRM automates regular tasks. For example, at the specified time you have to send emails and do calls on a regular basis, then CRM will help you to automate tasks. Salesperson spends significant time manually maintaining data, this kills the time. With the use of CRM, the sales team can impart maximum time to core selling.  

Ongoing market trends: 

You do not have to think much before launching new products or designs, CRM knows it all. The sysdtem will assist you at each step. CRM according to the search history of users knows in-demand products and services. If you are finding an apt time for giving discounts or offers, CRM will help you with knowing the time in which customers are actively browsing.

·       Competitor’s information:

CRM helps businesses to gather competitors’ detail. Their product and service. The Business rule says, to be at the top you need to know your competitor in and out. CRM religiously follows this rule.

      Optimizes marketing:

CRM plays a crucial role in optimizing sales and marketing. Customer Relationship Management helps companies by providing a step-by-step roadmap of the sales process. CRM suggests more personalized products to customers according to their preferences.  The sales team gets to know the customer’s activity and responses after sending emails. CRM allows the company to know what is the source of leads and hence the company can focus on improving that source.  The marketing team can quickly close a deal by responding according to the customer’s concerns.

Difference between salesforce and glazeforce is glazeforce and salesforce different?

What is glazeforce?

We are living in a cut-throat competitive world. Businesses always need to adopt something new and effective to stand out from the crowd. Glazeforce is a CRM software tailored for the glass and glazing industry. It helps to reduce workload by automating multiple tasks at every corner. Glazeforce has taken each and every aspect of the glass and glazing industry into count while designing the software. The software aims to upscale the industry with its customized service. Glazeforce helps to perform similar activities as salesforce but is specialized in the glass and glazing industry. From glass products to labor costs the software knows it all and is customized accordingly.

What is the role of glazeforce in a tech-influenced world?

Glazeforce is actively helping the glass and glazing industry in 2020. Have a look at how glazeforce is designed to optimize the glass and glazing industry:

      Quick quotes creation:

Glazeforce software is created for the glass and glazing industry. By using glazeforce companies can quickly add products and mention their dimensions. Features are tailored according to the glass and glazing industry.  Along with quotes, you can add a quote pack that is similar to the company’s brochure to help potential customers know more.

  Automated email campaign:

Email marketing is widely adopted by businesses to attract customers. It is quite tedious to go through each and every contact every single time you send mail. With the help of glazeforce you can use already designed email templates to send potential customers about upcoming offers and services. Glazeforce guides the company and never misses any chance to drive potential customers. You can know more about glazeforce here.

    Better tracking of orders: 

·   Glazeforce helps the glass and glazing industry to quickly follow the procedures to deliver orders. Once a potential customer accepts a quote you can quickly notify your suppliers to work on the delivery.  In the glass and glazing industry, the delivery and post-maintenance are a bit complex. CRM helps to simplify the process.

glass and glazing industry
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Safer transactions:

Glazeforce offers easier and safer transactions. Customers can pay even by opting through email. Each step of the transaction is tracked and each data is safely stored in glazeforce for future reference.  CRM helps companies to give flexibility to the customer via any online mode.

Wrapping up

It is high time for upscaling businesses using CRM. Firms and organizations are quick to embrace CRM and enrich customer’s experience. Customized services are high in-demand. If you are running a glass and glazing industry we have a dynamic and customized solution for you. Glazeforce specializes in enhancing glass and glazing business using its software. You can know more about service here. Are you thinking to integrate glazeforce into your business? Well, it is a great idea you can book a demo with us to know more. Let us meet for a virtual cup of coffee here.

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