Importance of CRM Win glazing industry

Customer Relationship Management in glazing industry

Customer Relationship Management Importance in glazing industry

Customer Relationship Management is the fastest growing software marketing that works to maintain a long-lasting relationship with customers. At the core, it combines business strategies, tools, and software to please customers. It ensures a happy and satisfied customer experience with its delightful service. Technology is evolving with each passing minute. We are well versed with lots of useful technologies and many are yet to roll out. The technology aims to make our life simple and easier. Have you heard “the customer is king or queen”? CRM well follows this statement.

Customers are considered one of the most valuable assets in the business. Product-based companies as well as service-based companies both aim to please customers.  An ever-growing business caters to the quality of products or services plus good customer interaction. Are you wondering why Customer Relationship Management is so important? Well, it is the key technique to maintain your existing customer and attract potential customers.  The company’s revenue depends on the customer’s loyalty. CRM aims to improve revenue by increasing customer retention.

According to Leslie Ye, editor at Hubspot’s Sales Blog, “ Beyond contact info, CRMs log reps’ touchpoints with their prospects, including emails, phone calls, voicemails, and in-person meetings. Some CRMs offer the ability to track deal stages and reasons for closed-lost and closed-won deals”.

Customer Relationship Management Software statistics:

The CRM market size currently has a value of $120 billion. By 2025, the CRM market has already increased to $82 billion, growing at 12% per year”. ‘ Overall CRM usage increased from 56% in 2018 to 74% in 2019. 01 percent of companies with more than 11 employees use a CRM system. CRM applications can increase revenue by up to 41% per sales representatives The average ROI for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent’. ‘CRM can boost conversion rate by 300 percent’.

How CRM helps businesses to accomplish goals?

Every individual and organization has goals to reach. The goal encourages businesses or individuals to reach new heights. So, here a few ways listed that tells how CRM helps businesses to accomplish goals:

How CRM helps glazing business?

·         CRM works on improving customer’s retention:

Customer relationship management software helps you to quickly respond to customers queries. The tool helps businesses to get details and search histories of customers. CRM collects complete information of customers, organizes, and stores them in a defined location. The search history of individuals helps businesses to know their preferences. According to search history, CRM suggests products to users. This makes it easier for users to land on their thoughts. CRM exclusively helps in reaching customer retention goals. It enhances customer service and keeps customer content and pleased by offering customized service. You can track when customers are most active and accordingly uncover your new plans, deals, and offers.

It is derived that existing customers have the potential to contribute 80 percent to future profits. For example, you are in a glass and glazing business and are facing an issue with customer retention then you can give a try to glazeforce. It is a 360 degree CRM software for the glass and glazing industry. Undoubtedly your customer service team is doing a marvelous job but with increasing competition, a pinch of CRM software will help deliver world-class service easily.

·         Optimizes your business:

A business person has a lot on its plates to do and check throughout the day. A significant time is invested in making calls and sending emails. Customer relationship management software helps businesses to automate regular tasks. Let us get a better view of this with an example. You have to visit a different location for handling surveys, marketing, emails, quotes. It is a long and time-consuming process. A one-stop solution will save a lot of time and quickens the process.

Glazeforce is designed to provide a one-stop solution to the glass and glazing business. You do not have to keep track of different software, just a single software is enough to suffice all-purpose and optimize performance. Glazeforce keeps a keen eye on the business and allows automation at every possible corner. Suppose you want to send mail to your customers or potential customers, how about instead of adding names one by one automating the step and completing the task in just a few clicks? Well, glazeforce software does that for you.

·         Effective Marketing campaigns:

Marketing is another most important factor in upscaling your business. Marketing truly has the potential to turn the table. With the increasing availability of the internet, businesses are witnessing new ways of marketing. Emerging technologies are placing a crucial role in paving new marketing ways. Customer relationship management software does most work in email marketing campaigns. You have to do the creating stuff like coming up with an effective message.  You can track the clicks of your sent mail. CRM helps in generating better Return On Investments (ROI). If you are in the glass and glazing business, you can use glazeforce and go for inbuilt templates where data is tailored as per the requirement of the industry.

Uses of Glazeforce
Uses of Glazeforce

·         Ensures a streamlined process:

Customer Relationship software ensures a streamlined workflow. It stands with you right from attracting potential customers to convincing customers to finalizing deals to fulfilling orders and taking surveys.  Customer Relationship Management software helps in smoother coordination throughout the entire process. It gives a great boost to efficiency and hence better output. CRM helps in effectively coordinating with the entire team and easily accessing the document. The tool helps with easily stepping in and regulating the bottleneck. Good coordination leads to faster and quality results. Are you into the glass and glazing business? Do you want to upscale your business? Well, you can rely on the glazeforce industry to see your business reaching a new height. Glazeforce offers that much-needed edge to business to the best in the business world.

Wrapping up

Customer Relationship Management software has grown to be in need of time. It is high time to focus on all dimensions of business and take it to a whole new level. If you are in the glazing business, you can book a demo with us and see your business growing. Would love to hear from your end. To stay ahead in business, along with product quality and services you need to keep up with the trend as well. Glazeforce is all set to bring a new wave in glazing business. If you want to know more, we would love to meet over a virtual cup of coffee here.

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