How is Glazeforce useful in glazing industry?

What is glazeforce?

Glazeforce is a software developed for the glass and glazing industry. The software helps to upscale the glass and glazing business. It optimizes tasks and works as Customer Relationship Management. It is a CRM software for the glass and glazing industry. To know what actually glazeforce is? And how it is playing a crucial role in the glass and glazing industry we need to understand CRM.

Glazeforce salesforce CRM
What is Glazeforce? What is CRM?

What is Customer Relationship Management software?

CRM is a cloud-based technology designed to improve customer relationships and sales. Salesforce, an America based company uses software as a service model to provide CRM services to business. The increasing use of the internet is raising bars. Customers are considered the most important asset of any business. In online marketing, ample options are available at the doorstep so you get very little time to hold customers.  You have to very responsive and 24/7 available to keep your customers satisfies. Well manually it is an arduous process, so technology played its part to make it simple and convenient for business. As per survey, CRM is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenue by 2025.

CRM software helps to collect complete information of customers and store it on a centralized system. The data stored can be accessed by any member of the team whenever required. Regular tasks are automated using CRM. The system is quick to respond to customer’s usual queries. On the basis of the collected data, it helps the company to suggest preferable products to customers. It plays a crucial role in increasing sales.

How is glazeforce customized for the glass and glazing industry?

Companies are inclining towards customized service? Are you thinking of why customized service? Well, customized service filters unnecessary requirements. The CRM software is fed with complete detail of one particular niche. It is tailored to fulfill unique needs of business. CRM software helps to keep a keen eye on the growth of the company and ongoing market trends inside out. It is tailored to optimize the business. Glazeforce keeps each and every aspect of the glass and glazing industry into count. It provides a one-stop solution for glass and glazing businesses. Glazeforce is slightly different from salesforce. If you want to know more, you can check here.

Glazeforce focuses on “ grow your business, not your software”. Are you using different software for email, quote, payment, ERS? It is quite tedious sometimes to keep track of all the different software. Glazeforce helps glass and glazing industries to perform all tasks on a single platform. Read on to know more about glazeforce.

  Automation at every corner:

·     Glazeforce helps the glass and glazing industry by automating the workflow wherever possible. Developers eyed all dimensions of industry keenly. Features available in glazeforce specialize according to the aforementioned industry.

Quickly creates a quote:

·       The software plays a crucial role in quickly creating quotes. Just a few clicks are enough. It is easy to add products using glazeforce. Products are divided into three parts mentioned below:

o   Main: All the glass products are already mentioned here. You have to click on the products you want. Suppose you checked for glass and mirrors. Dimensions and quantity columns are already mentioned. You just have to add the value.

o   Process: Software allows us to add processes such as hole out. Suppose you added sandblast then width and height will automatically adjust according to the laminated sheet. This helps to save time for the assigned personnel.

o   Manuals: In manuals, you can add labor costs and add prices. Here, the dimension column is not mentioned. Glazeforce has smartly designed software to exactly fit in glass and glazing demands. Now, you can save and apply discounts to allure your potential customers.

Use of glazeforce in glass and glazing industry
glazeforce helps in optimizing glass and glazing industries

  Quote pack:

·     Quickly you can add a pack along with a quote. Are you confused about what is quote pack? Well, the quote pack is similar to the brochure of a company. It contains offers and products detail along with some customer-centric information about the company.

    Automated email:

You can preselect contacts available in your software and add in email. Glazeforce software automates maximum steps. Just click on send quote to move to the next step. Glazeforce aims to make the entire process smooth and faster.

  Easier to revert back mail:

·     Below the mail, options are available that encourages the receiver to accept the quote and revert back mail. Glazeforce helps the glass and glazing industry to have an engaging relationship with customers.

Track activities of potential customers:

·       Using glazeforce you get the flexibility to keep eye on the activities of your potential customers. You will get to know whether the receiver clicked on the mail or not.  Suppose the receiver accepted the quote, now let us move to the next step.

Automated steps in order:

·       Glazeforce has divided post order procedure into different steps like a draft, sent to fulfillment, in fulfillment, delivered, completed. You have to keep track of each step to ensure a timely delivery. Well, glazeforce does it for you. If, you are thinking to maximize your glass and glazing business using technology, you can get a lead idea from here.

Quick to notify suppliers:

·       You can quickly send notifications to suppliers. Are you thinking about how? Well,  glazeforce has inbuilt email templates. Add a list of suppliers and quickly send emails using these templates. Glass and glazing firms can create invoices using glazeforce. You can promptly send invoices to your accounts.  It offers an end to end solution right from sending mails to delivery.

Easy transactions:

·      Glazeforce offers a customer-centric approach for the transaction. Your potential customers or leads can reach to online payment gateway through the mail. Glazeforce encourages customers to quickly pay using an easy payment method. Glazeforce ensures safe and secure payment. It stores all essential information like Reference key, hashtags, the transaction ID for future uses.

     Better surveys: 

·  Glazeforce closes the entire process on a good note. Surveys play a key role in upscaling and improving the business. The survey sheet is delivered to customers as well as suppliers. Glazeforce encourages to give feedback and revert back.

Wrapping up:

Here, we have discussed the working of glazeforce. Glazeforce is customized for the glass and glazing industry. It is high time to integrate customized service into your business. Are you in search of a good fit for your glass and glazing buisness? Well, you can go forward and book a demo with us to know more. We, at glazeforce, are always prompt to help you with the best result. In the ongoing pandemic, we all are restricted to our home. In such a scenario, no matter how crackling the sales team is we ought to have a digital solution. If you feel like going digital for increasing customer retention, you can virtually visit us here.

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