A 360 Cloud Application Specific For Glass And Glazing Industry

What if you could handle customers, surveys, payments, marketing, brochures, emails, quotes and orders from one single place? A 360 customized solution that suits Glass and Glazing businesses. Sounds too good?  Book a demo to believe how you could achieve customer success using Glazeforce.

Grow Your Business, Not Your Softwares!

You dont need an ERP, an emailing software, a quoting software and an online payment gateway. We have it all configured and integrated for you in one box. We have carefully put together the features that can help grow your glazing business much faster and better!

Why GlazeForce?

Do you still use excels? Are you juggling between different systems everyday and finding it hard to track your leads? Do you wish that you could convert more sales with lesser manual intevention?

GlazeForce is our custom built solution on top of Salesforce platform, which is the #1 CRM in the world. What it means is that the opportunities to sell and convert leads just manifold 7 times along with the ease to integrate with numerous systems. GlazeForce was specially designed for glass companies that are looking for immense growth. If you are a glass business, do not get convinced without booking a demo!

Our Glazing Features

Marketing Automation

Handle All Your Customer Communications, Emails, SMS’es, Campaigns, Lead Prospecting From One CRM. All Automated To Ensure In Bulk.

Quick Quotes

Send Quotes In The Blink Of An Eye And Automate The Process Of Acceptance To Invoicing.

Configure - Price- Products

Our Product Establishes A Unique Structure To Allow Adding Products, Services and Custom Costs Based On Area and Quantity of Your Products.

Brochures and Quote Packs

Get Highly Customized Quote Packs and Brochures While Sending Quotes to Customers.

Payment and Invoices

Handle Invoices Straight From Your CRM. Online Payment Gateway Integration Makes It Even Easier To Accept Payments Through Different Means.

Audits and Taxes

Quickly Send Your Invoices To Your Accounts or Integrate With Your Accounting Software.

Ordering And Fulfilment

RIght From An Order, To Raising a Purchase Order With Your Supplier, To Fulfilment and Delivery Can Be Tracked And Managed End to End.

Integrations and Reporting

Be It Your Mailing Service Provider, Or Your Custom Third Party Tool. Easily Integrate All Data To Flow Into Your CRM. Get Brilliant Reports That Give Insights To Your Analytics.

Sales Process Automation

A full fledged sales journey implemented to help your sales reps close more leads with timely followups. Lead management takes a leap ahead with more. Never miss a conversion.

Omni Channel Support

Your sales reps can never miss a customer no matter where they are –  social media, or website or even at your whatsapp. Omni channel messaging system makes selling faster and smoother. A unique customer experience guaranteed.

Targeted Campaigns

Create unique campaigns segmented by your account behaviour, interest and more preferences. Targeting gets better and so does your upselling!

Predictions and Forecasting

With the power of analytics you can foresee your sales and even predict the future. Deep insights with Einstein analytics makes your glazing business flair ahead of the competition.

Case Studies

Jack of Glass, UK

A classic example of how GlazeForce implementation impoved the sales processes and made everything simple yet powerful for Jack of Glass.

Zago Glass, India

A turnaround story for a glass company where GlazeForce brought in all the necessary automation that made work happen in matter of minutes!

Happy Clients

" An absolutely smooth and wonderful experience. In spite of using many softwares and switching back and forth now everything is connected and works smoothly. Must say more customer success this way! Cheers to Glazeforce team "

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